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Important » Payment by credit card

Pay for service PCTEL with a credit card on-line. We accept Visa and Eurocard/MasterCard, and other:


To make a payment for services PCTEL by using a credit card:

go to site in section My PCTEL, enter your Login name and Password (login);

click on "Make a payment" and confirm "the Agreement"

enter the payment amount and choose "Pay RBK Money" or "Pay through ASSIST";

on page RBK Money follow the further instructions

on page ASSIST select "Payment by CREDIT CARD" (service "ASSIST" it has all necessary licenses and certificates for conducting of payments through the Internet);

verify payment


You will enter your credit card information into the secure server. Data transfer takes place in safe mode, which completely eliminates the possibility of intercepting information about your credit card. To protect information from unauthorized access during all stages of transfer between client and server, systems ASSIST SSL 3.0. certificate Server (128 bit) issued by the company Verisign, leader in issuing digital certificates. You can check the authenticity of the certificate server. We do not and can not get to know your credit card number. Processing of received data is confidential in the processing center..


To protect information from unauthorized access at all stages of data at the client has the opportunity to use the SET protocol 1.0.


Attention! Implementation of the order is possible only under the following conditions:


1. Full Name of the customer must match the cardholder's Name.


2. If necessary, at the request of PCTEL, provide additional information about the client.

For information about your orders you can call +7 (495) 739-12-20 or e-mail:



Good luck!


Notes: minimum payment is 200 rubles, the maximum payment is 1,000 rubles.


Posting of funds to your account occurs on weekdays from 10-00 to 20-00, during 2 hours after payment. Once money have been posted, your e-mail notification will be sent.

Refund policy appears in AGREEMENT (p.2.8, 2.9,4.2,4.4) on the payment pages in your personal office.

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