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Important » Payment Yandex.Money

Important »Payment Yandex.Money
What is Yandex? Yandex - an affordable and secure way to pay for goods and services via the Internet. You can pay for the orders in real time.

Benefits paid Yandex.Money

  • Payments Yandex.Money-instant, the commission is not charged for them (0%).
  • The interface of the payment system is simple, clear and easy for both experienced and for beginners.

To pay the order by Yandex money it is required to:

Register at Yandex.

Open an account at Yandex.

Replenish your account the desired amount. This can be done with the use of prepaid cards, as well as through the terminals, the system of money transfers and banks (including bank cards) in all regions of Russia. Select the nearest place where you can make money or buy a prepaid card, visit the Find the refill source.

Go to the website in the section Cabinet, enter your username and password (login);

 click 'Make a payment "and confirm" the Agreement ";
 enter a payment amount and select "Pay by Yandex. Money;

1.Posle that you will be redirected to Yandex, which will be able to complete the payment, following the instructions of the system.

1.Make sure that your browser window there was a message about the success of the payment.
Best of luck to use!

ПрослушатьNote: The minimum payment - 200 rubles, with a maximum payment - $ 1000.

 After depositing funds to your e-mail notification will be sent.

The procedure for the return of funds set forth in the agreement (2.8, 2.9,4.2,4.4) for the payment pages in a private office.

Please note:

According to Russian law, users that failed the identification procedure may make one-time payments only within the 15 000 rubles. If you plan to deposit funds

e-mail acknowledgement

e-mail check on uniqueness PCTEL

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