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Service PCTEL allows you to call directly from your computer via the Internet to any phone, anywhere in the world! Connect to PCTEL today and you will be able to:

- Call throughout Russia for only 1 ruble per minute!

- Call the rest of the world on very low rates!

- Do not pay for anything except calls - free connection and no maintenance fees!

- If your friends also join PCTEL, you will be able to call each other free of charge via the internet! PCTEL will work through almost any internet connection including ADSL, cable, Wi-Fi and even via 56k modem connection.

Free calls to other PCTEL users available immediately after the registration, even without making a payment. To make calls to regular phones, you will need to submit a minimum payment of only 200 rubles. The money will be credited to your account and will allow you to talk to any telephone in Russia for more than three hours.

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